China warns EU tariffs on EVs would ‘harm’ Europe’s interests

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China warns EU tariffs on EVs would ‘harm’ Europe’s interests

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China warned Wednesday that expected additional EU tariffs on imports of Chinese electric vehicles would “harm Europe’s own interests” and condemned the bloc’s “protectionism”.

“It goes against the principles of market economy and international trade rules, undermines China-EU economic and trade cooperation as well as the stability of the global automobile production and supply chain,” foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jian said.

The EU Commission is set to impose Wednesday fresh duties on EVs imported from China, industry sources told AFP.

The sources said the expectation was that the tariffs will be “up to 25 percent”, on top of the existing 10 percent duty.

“We urge the EU side to honour its commitment of supporting free trade and opposing protectionism and work with China to uphold the overall interests of China-EU economic and trade cooperation,” Lin said.

Europe’s automotive sector is the jewel in its industrial crown — behind iconic brands from Mercedes to Ferrari — but it faces an existential threat from the looming end of combustion engines and China’s head start in the switch to electric.

Brussels launched a probe last year into Chinese electric car subsidies, with officials saying they wanted to put the brakes on what they claimed were unfair practices undercutting Europe’s car manufacturers. AFP

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