Smart transaction mobile app providing convenience to share investors

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Smart transaction mobile app providing convenience to share investors

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Smart transaction mobile app has been launched, providing technical analysis facilities to share investors with ease. The app developed by Home Service Trade Link Pvt Ltd was launched unofficially but now the ‘full version’ has been launched.

Even though the ‘beta version’ of smart transaction was released a year ago, the updated version of smart transaction could not be launched due to the time taken in the development of the system to provide factual data. After correcting all the technical deficiencies, Home Services has made the Smart Transaction App available on Google Play Store.

In addition to technical analysis, the app has features like watchlist, live data, average price, company status, correlation, odd lot, Fibonacci, narrow range. Damodar Shrestha, Managing Director of Home Service Trade Link, said that this app will not only help people who have experience related to shares but also people who have no knowledge of the stock market to gain knowledge.

“I do technical analysis myself. Since it takes time to analyze the company while he is actively trading shares, realtime analysis of all listed companies has been made available on the app to save investors’ time,” said Managing Director Shrestha. According to him, Adlot Forum has also been provided in the app to exchange information regarding the sale of Adlot shares.

Similarly, Shrestha informed that if the user has any doubts about the features provided in the app, free training will be provided to remove those doubts. Similarly, users can purchase basic package and premium package to use the services provided in the package.

App users will be able to use all the features for free for 15 days of testing, after that they can get the basic package for Rs.199 per month and the premium package for Rs.399 per month. Shrestha informed that 35 percent discount will be provided on the annual payment of such packages. The amount of these packages can be paid through Iseva. Apart from this, 1 month premium package can be used for free by sending a referral to 3 people.

Although the attraction of the market increases when new investors enter the Nepali stock market, many people are forced to suffer losses due to lack of knowledge about the stock market. Such investors can use this app to get a lot of information and information, comparative studies, etc. On this basis, Shrestha claims that the smart trading app is important for investors to gain knowledge about shares.

Within a few days of its launch, the number of users of the app has reached more than 4,000. Shrestha, the managing director of the company, said that the number of downloads is increasing day by day because the app and the features within the app are easy to understand and use.

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