Success secrets to redesign fashion, straight from the guests of orientation program by Hult Prize at IOE

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Success secrets to redesign fashion, straight from the guests of orientation program by Hult Prize at IOE

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What made the Hult Prize this year so appealing? It might be the Guests, CD,OCs, volunteers, audience, or $1 million. Here is a brief summary of what transpired in case you missed the orientation that took place on December 2 at the IOE’s Pulchowk Campus.

This year, the Hult Prize at IOE,Pulchowk Campus has partnered with title sponsor Mastakala, venue partner Entrance Cafe, security partner MSecurity, silver sponsor NMB Capital Ltd, and Protozoa Host as hosting partner. 

The Hult Prize, also known as the Nobel Prize for students, is an annual international competition that encourages young people to develop creative social businesses that address some of the world’s most serious problems. Given that the winner receives $1 million to realize their idea, it is a title that is well-deserved.

With the guests’ welcome, the orientation got underway. Additionally, Dr. Subarna Shakya and Dr. Basanta Joshi, two professors from the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering at IOE, were present as well as Mr. Vardaan Devkota and Ms Prakriti Osti, one of the most successful fashion designers and entrepreneurs of the country. 

After a rousing and enthralling guest speech by Dr. Shakya, information on the Hult Prize, how to apply, and this year’s theme, “Redesigning Fashion,” was announced.

All of the attendees and campus ambassadors from ten different universities were incredibly enthusiastic, filling the room to the brim. 

The Campus Director Bishal Bashyal clarified sustainable development objectives and responded to participant questions such as “why the Hult prize.” Information was given on the workshops and mentorship sessions. 

Event coordinator Aakriti Sharma also provided a summary of the Hult Prize 201/22 and an explanation of the event workflow.

The audience was motivated by Mr. Devkota’s speech on taking the initial step. Mr Vardaan Devkota, the founding member and CEO of VAMA.Giving birth to a sustainable clothing brand in 2020, Mr Devkota is sighted as the youngest Nepali designer to commence a sustainable brand. He talked about reducing the carbon footprint that the fashion industry possesses to the environment  by focusing on not doing mass production, using almost zero plastic and launching collections.The audience enjoyed his remark that “Fashion is what you make out of it.” 

Ms. Prakriti Osti, a multi talented self-built entrepreneur and a style consultant ,much known as the founder and owner of Label Osti Prakriti who became successful by launching a fashion business after the most recent COVID lockout. The way she expressed her love for fashion during the program was jaw-breaking to the audience.Her showing up in the program radiated confidence to the Fashionistas. She claimed that “Either you know or don’t know”, Everyone is into fashion. 

The program followed with stories about “ AI,” former Hult Prize winners at IOE, Pulchowk Campus, and their amazing trip to New York. 

The formal program finally came to an end after Dr. Joshi gave an inspiring statement. 

The participants’ dances at the conclusion of the event were the cherry on top.

As evidenced by the program’s seamless continuation, the Hult Prize Nepal community provided this event with enormous support and help.

Overall, the Hult Prize orientation at IOE’s Pulchowk Campus was unquestionably a success.

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