Analogue Mall launches Analogue Care for ultimate consumer experience

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Analogue Mall launches Analogue Care for ultimate consumer experience

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To provide you with the ultimate Customer Experience, Analogue mall just launched “Analogue Care.”

With Analogue Care, consumers can get accidental coverage in case of any unexpected damage in any device or appliance purchased from Analogue Mall.

They can shop for all kinds of genuine gadgets and home appliances at a fair price from Analogue Mall’s e-commerce site or physical outlet at NewRoad, Kathmandu.

Analogue Mall has always strived to provide its customers with the best deals and better experiences. And aligning with their mission, they have added Analogue Care so that customers who purchase from Analogue Mall can get all the services required for the device under their roof.

According to the company, consumers will have the option to choose between two categories and two sorts of packages for each category. The first category includes televisions, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with standard and premium service packages available.

The standard package provides display coverage for your TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in the event of accidental damage.

The premium option for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops provides display and camera coverage in the case of any unexpected  damage.

Likewise, the company claims that the second category can be a game-changing forum for Nepali content-creators. Analogue Care provides the display and camera coverage in standard, and the premium package covers ‘all risks physical damage’ of any purchaged action camera.

Providing assured coverage, the company believes that the content creators can now shoot all sorts of pictures and videos from their GoPros, and drones anytime and anywhere without worrying one bit.

And such a platform has been introduced for the first time in Nepal.  Not only focusing on smartphones and laptops, Analogue Care targets the wide range of gadgets available in their store.

Consumers have to fill up a form to claim a year of damage coverage.

As per the company, besides Analogue Care, Analogue Mall is soon launching Apple Care+ for the first time in the country.

Their target is to provide the same ultimate customer experience to Apple users. Apple Care+ will include accidental damage protection, repair coverage, Apple hardware coverage, and theft and loss coverage as well.

Besides, Analogue Mall is planning to open their physical store at Pokhara shortly.

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