Top 5 Announced at ICT Award 2021

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Top 5 Announced at ICT Award 2021

The ‘ICT IWARD 2021,’ a prominent award in the field of information and communication technology, has announced among the top five in various categories. The finest 5 out of 11 distinct categories have been announced through the selection procedure of the jury committee for the sixth edition of the F1Soft ICT Award 2021. The best five in the Huawei Startup ICT Award, Product ICT Award, and Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2021 categories were chosen through a presentation and speed dating session held last Saturday. Starting November 1, the top 5 shortlisted candidates will be required to engage in public voting (e-sewa and SMS). Likewise, the Public Choice ICT Award category has been opened for the top 10 candidates in each of the three categories already chosen. The organizers will announce the finest in the grand finale program after the jury selection, public voting, and field visit.

Duluwa Expeditions Pvt. Ltd., House of Books Pvt. Ltd., Kheti Venture Pvt. Ltd., Nirman Sathi Technovation Pvt. Ltd., and Puryau Services Pvt. Ltd. are the top five startups chosen. More than 50 ICT startup firms were submitted in the Startup ICT Award 2021 category. The best five, according to the organizers, were chosen after three rounds of selection. Bugby, IMS Distribution Management System, Mikha, Plantsat, and Sayak are among the top five products for the Product ICT Award 2021. According to the organizers, more than 40 ICT items were nominated in this category, with the top five being chosen after three rounds of selection.

Ask Mattrab, IoT-based Economic Air Purifier for the Global South, Mushoor, Open Past Paper, and Rent a Bike are among the top five ideas shortlisted for the Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2021. More than 60 nominations were received this year in the area of Rising Star Innovation. In addition to these three categories, there are four other awards: Pioneer ICT Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award, Entrepreneur ICT Award, and Woman Icon ICT Award. Likewise, public and private sector organizations are sought for the Digital Education ICT Award (Public Sector), Digital Education ICT Award (Private Sector), Digital Governance ICT Award (Public Sector), and Digital Services ICT Award (Private Sector). The selection process is underway in all these categories.

According to the organizers, more than 400 nominations for the F1Soft ICT Award 2021 in Association with Genese, Powered by Huawei 2021 have been received in 11 different categories. The selection process for the remaining eight categories is still underway, according to the organizer Living with ICT. According to Mr. Razan Lamsal, the organizing committee’s coordinator, a 12-member jury and 13 special advisory groups have been constituted for the best selection. The ICT Award has the support, cooperation, and participation of all individuals, organizations, and innovators in the area, according to Lamsal, because it is a significant endeavor in the development of Nepal’s digital ecosystem.

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