Nepal’s Grandest Online Food Festival starting from Friday:  Enjoy Live with food delivery at home

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Nepal’s Grandest Online Food Festival starting from Friday:  Enjoy Live with food delivery at home
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Nepal’s most popular online food delivery platform, Foodmandu, has been organizing the online food festival regularly for the past three years since 2017. The Grandest Food Festival is back this year, beginning on 15th January, where the company will be providing outstanding food as well as entertainment to its customers.

The online food festival, which will run for a week, has numerous thrilling offers and activities. Along with fantastic food deals, there are fun augmented reality games and also, live music for the first time. Artists like Jyovan Bhuju, Sanjay Mahat & Ujwal Man Shrestha, Prasanna Adhikari, will give their special performances at the live music event.

Similarly, Foodmandu’s online food festival will be held in Pokhara for the first time as well. Just a few days back, Foodmandu extended its operation to Pokhara and now, the residents of Pokhara will also be able to experience Nepal’s grandest online food fest.

The company will provide enticing cashback at the festival to customers who order via mobile applications and will enjoy a 25% discount up to Rs 500. Similarly, purchases made through QR code will be available and discounts can be obtained at the Online Food Festival via Fonepay.

During the festival, customers can get delicious meals at only Re.1 and they can also get food vouchers by playing different online games. Similarly, via 3 windows of time, flash sales will be available and a mystery bag will be a treat and surprise for the customers.

As per the Head of Brand, Marketing & Sales of the company, Shyam Ratna Mali, “We want the online food festival to not only fulfill the food orders of our customers but also to entertain the customers. This year, we will not only be delivering delicious food to the customers through the Food Festival but also, entertainment through live music performances and various other activities. This time we are even more enthusiastic as we are organizing the online food festival in Pokhara for the first time.”

The Foodmandu Online Food Festival features the best restaurants in Nepal, including 30 restaurants in Kathmandu and 14 restaurants in Pokhara, which will provide customers with packages of new and delicious food. Enjoy great food and fun times in the comfort of your homes during the Grandest Online Food Festival of the year.

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