Nepal Telecom has got the remaining 5 MHz frequency in the 1800 MHz band

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Nepal Telecom has got the remaining 5 MHz frequency in the 1800 MHz band

A committee under the Ministry of Telecommunication Company Limited has given 5 MHz frequency of 1800 MHz band to Nepal Telecom.

A meeting of the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee at the Ministry on Friday decided to give 5 MHz frequency in the 1800 MHz band to Telecom.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. A meeting of the committee chaired by Yuvaraj Khatiwada has decided to provide 5 MHz frequency to the telco within the maximum limit.

A meeting of the committee has decided to give the previously auctioned price to Telecom at the rate of Rs 58 million per MHz, a ministry source said.

“It has been decided to give the remaining frequency in the 1800 MHz band to the state-owned company. The company has to pay Rs 58 million per MHz,” a ministry source claimed.

The meeting of the committee was held after one year. The committee consists of secretaries of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

As soon as the committee decides, Nepal Telecom will be able to use 5 MHz frequency at that price. For which the telco now has to apply to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority for the frequency.

Earlier, Nepal Telecom had applied to NEA and the Ministry claiming that it should get the frequency at a lower price than the Axon Award.

Telecom has been claiming that the 1800 MHz frequency should be paid at the price of Rs 51,000 per MHz promised during the auction.

However, the Telecommunications Authority said that the frequency could not be given at that price and that the frequency would be given at the ‘auction price’.

NEA had gone to the Ministry of Telecom as soon as it said it would not provide frequencies at cheap rates. The ministry had also taken information from the authority.

Nepal Telecom currently has 15 MHz frequency in the 1800 MHz band and the company can use a maximum of 20 MHz as per the radio frequency policy.

Earlier, last November, for the first time in Nepal, the frequency action in the 1800 MHz band was done. In which the private mobile operator Ncell Ajiata Limited (then Ncell Pvt.) Had won the auction by pledging Rs. 58 million. Ncell had taken 9 MHz frequency after winning the auction.

Telecom managing director Dilliram Adhikari said he was not aware of the decision.

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