Nepal’s mobile internet speeds are slower than African countries

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Nepal’s mobile internet speeds are slower than African countries
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Nepal’s mobile internet is so slow that its speed is even slower than that of the poorest countries in Africa, including Haiti, Ghana and Namibia.

According to a recent public report, Nepal is at the bottom of the list of mobile internet speeds for the month of June, in which the African country lags behind Haiti.

Nepal ranks 119th in terms of internet speed, according to a report released by Okla in June.

Nepal has moved up one place to 119th position in the list this month, followed by Namibia, Ghana and Haiti, the poorest countries in Africa.

Nepal’s mobile internet speed in June was 15.22 Mbps. Nigeria is just ahead of Nepal and Pakistan is just below Nepal.

Although the speed of mobile internet in Nepal is slow compared to other countries in the world, it is in the third place among the South Asian countries.

Maldives and Sri Lanka are ahead of Nepal in South Asian countries. Maldives is ranked 69th while Sri Lanka is ranked 110th.

Neighboring India, the world’s second largest internet market, lags far behind Nepal. India dropped one point to 129th position in the list in June with a mobile internet speed of 12.16 Mbps.

Bangladesh is ranked 134th in the list while Afghanistan is ranked 138th. The list does not include data from Bhutan.
Nepal, which is weak in mobile internet, is in the same situation in fixed broadband.

Nepal ranks 117th in fixed internet, up two places this month. Nepal’s fixed internet speed is 20.45 Mbps.

India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are among the South Asian countries in Nepal in terms of Fixed Broadband. In terms of fixed broadband internet speed, Nepal is on par with countries like Togo, Rwanda and Congo.

According to the Global Speedtest Index, the average mobile speed worldwide in June was 34.67 Mbps and upload was 11.01 Mbps. Similarly, the average download for fixed broadband is 78.26 Mbps and upload is 42.06 Mbps.

Nepal’s mobile internet speed and fixed broadband speed both seem to be far below the average speed.

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